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Sr. NO Company Name Student Name Department Logo Details
1 My Dream Garden Ashok MBA The core business activities are the services and maintenance of Organic Terrace Garden. They maintain customer’s garden and educate them about organic terrace gardening and general garden works. They are the pioneer to provide maintenance and workshops to many prestigious Schools, college and various institutions, corporate offices, and residential.
2 Tatynerds Shashwat EEE is an online book renting portal. We provide textbooks on rent at discounted prices with free pickup and delivery. Our aim is to make education affordable to all.
3 Fixolla Indranath Mukherjee EC Fixolla takes gadget repairing to the next level, they provide hassle – free repairing of gadgets with door delivery
4 Open My Book Chirag Kashyap MBA The Open My Book app, facilities users to borrow books and study material at an affordable rental of Re 1 per day per book. It also allows users to share books between each other on the basis of peer to peer sharing.
5 Xolcano Ullas EC They are into Engineering projects related to android, web design, MATLAB etc.
6 MobiFarm- AgroKArt Pranav & Dyushanth Bio Tech The project intends to create a hub in the village through an online portal, where the villagers and farmers could store their produce and this can be sold to the customers according to their requirements. We would be using technologies such as AI, Big data, Neural Network etc. to further accomplish a smooth functioning of the system
7 One Destination Darshan MBA Deal into Mementos and Corporate Gifts
8 Comfort Cave Manjunath MBA They provide service for automobiles, clean vehicles without water
9 Farm Zop Sumanth Reddy ISE A subscription based mobile app where a customer can, Subscribe and receive daily essential products. Choose convenient subscription plan such as everyday, only once or create a custom weekly plan.Make all payments online through inbuilt prepaid wallet
10 Z.IN.C (Zero Investment Company) Sumit Kumar MBA Personal finance planning & investment Management
11 Agrofarm Sai Phanidra MBA Selling Vegetables directly from farmers to customers
12 Shoeyaari Sameer Ahemad MBA Online and offline shoe selling platform