Alumni Talk on E-Commerce and the way forward

Program Date: 28th January,2023

Time: 11:00am

Speaker Name & Designation:

Mr. Mohammed Shoaib,

Manager E-Commerce, Head of Digital Sales and Marketing, Navneet Education Limited.

Mr. Sameer Ahmed,

Key Account Manager, Program Management, Jumbo Tail Technologies Private Limited.


Department of Management Studies organized an Alumni Talk on “E- Commerce and the way forward” on 28th January, 2023. Speakers for the day was Mr. Mohammed Shoaib and Mr. Sameer Ahmed.

Mr. Mohammed Shoaib started the session by giving an overview about business in general. From there the topic gradually moved on to E-Commerce, regarding the basic foundation of electronic platforms for marketing, and how important e-commerce platforms have become for running business and also for every individuals personal and professional lives.

After the brief introduction to e-commerce and the way forward, the next talk was taken over by Mr. Sameer Ahmed.

Mr. Sameer Ahmed gave us an in-depth view on E-Commerce as a capability. Under this topic Mr. Sameer improved our understanding regarding B2B, B2C and D2C businesses under e-commerce. He also gave us an insight on few of the advantages like 24/7 availability, easy accessibility, wide range, international reach, lower cost and personalization of e-commerce platforms with practical examples from his experience. The session was very interactive and informative. It helped to widen the student’s aspects on e-commerce and how important it is in our daily lives.