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The faculty and staff at NHCE are always known for their out of the box teaching pedagogy methods. The International visit, National trip , Industrial visit and many other programs like these make the student learning experience rich and impactful. Especially as management students they are able to acquire traits that the industry demands from them. Realizing the fact that Management is a study based on application sciences, so the institute believes in learning by application.

The main objective behind the value added programs was to make student aware about how various activities related to marketing, financing and human resource are carried out in company and give them feel of managers as soon as they start there course.


  • Feasibility study of launching a product in the market
  • How to improve the efficiency of processes on job floor
  • Researching about tourism in and around city
  • Conducting survey to know consumer preference of a product and then accordingly make business development strategy


  • Learn more about a career and its shades in action
  • Make a solid network
  • Receive a real world experience.
  • These visits prove to be of great help when the students are asked by professors to work on some field research
  • The industries mentor the students with their experiences

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