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Accounting concepts


Double entry system

Financial Statements

Research Methodology

The Consumer Buying Process How Consumers Make Product Purchase Decisions

Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill In the Wake of Disaster


Managing stakeholder information exchange

Role of technology in communication


Make My Cake E-marketing case

Introduction to Investment

Risk & Return I

Risk & Return II

How to Calculate the Risk and Expected Return of Portfolios

Modern portfolio theory

Markowitz portfolio theory

Mergers and Acquisitions

What does “Mergers & Acquisitions“ mean?

Top 10 Disastrous Mergers & Acquisitions M&A

R27 Mergers and Acquisitions Lecture

Crisis communication

Persuasive communication

Ethics in communication

Introduction to Managerial Communication

Retail Store Layout Importance in Retail Management For MBA Students and retail professionals

Principles of Marketing Lectures Introduction of Consumer Behavior

Organizational Change and Development

BPR example

Service marketing travel

Basic framework of Strategic Management Process

International Financial Management

Financial Management

Financial Derivatives & Risk Management

Operations Management