Alumni Talk on “Industry Expectations from a management graduates”

Academia and industry share a symbiotic relationship. On 23rd November, 2019, Department of Management Studies in association with alumnus of the management department had organized a talk on “Industry Expectations from a management graduates” for I sem MBA students. The speakers for the session were Mr. Pramod, Rivigo logistics, Mr. Raja, Axis Bank, Ms.Sonali Khatare, Goldman Sachs, Ms. A. K. Auradha, Mckinsey & Mr. Siddhanth, Erst & Young. The session focused on how an Industry today requires a different breed of talent in every length and breadth of the business and the various competencies expected of management students from a corporate point of view.

The session emphasized the importance of professionalism in the corporate environment which is essential to be on the right track of success. The Alumnus discussed the management aspects, attitude and Professional Challenges like Confidence, Personality, Communication Skills, Body languages. They also highlighted on that students should carefully select their specialization as Domain-specific expertise is very important to execute job efficiently and confidently.