“Euphoria” E-WEEK 2022 Ignite entrepreneur Within you

Date :15th-16th Sept 2022 

Time: 15.09.2022 -01:50-4:00 pm: 16.09.2022 – 10:00- 3:30 pm

Speaker name:

Day 1 – INSPIRO- “The Founder” -Get Inspired through Movies

Day 2 Speakers (1st Half) – Ms. Harshitha , Dr Sheelan Misra, Dr.Priyameet Kaur Keer

Day 2 – Brain Waves – Get Quizzing

‘Euphoria – Ignite Entrepreneur Within You, E-Week 2022 was organized by ED Club and Start up Club  – Department of Management Studies . ‘EUPHORIA’ (E-Week) a two-day event  and was conducted on 15th and 16th of Sept 2022. On 15th of Sept  2021 the e week is started by motivating students through the movie the founder based on real story of Mc Donald and the challenges faced by the entrepreneur and the resilience that helped him to be successful .  The movie was screened in MBA Seminar Hall and 180 Students have seen the movie . at the end a briefing session was organised to understand the learning from the prospective of the students .

Day 2 of the event was ‘Xperio – Sharing experience by an entrepreneur ’ Ms. Harshitha alumuni and founder of Herbal based products OM Prithvi connected virtually to address the students about her startup journey and challenges faced  , The session is followed by Dr. Sheelan Misra, Dean Management studies  addressed the students about the importance of self discipline in their lives and  how to overcome lag and stress . Dr. Priyameet Kaur Keer added her valuable inputs for session and shared her knowledge about goal setting .

Day 2 second half online  quiz session was conducted to test the take away of e week .

The two days of the event provided a platform for students to understand the  dynamic involved in the process of entrepreneurship and innovation which indeed motivated and helped them understand more about entrepreneurship.