IDEATION – 23rd March 2018

IDEATION – 23rd March 2018

The Department of Management Studies Entrepreneurship Development Club Of New Horizon College of Engineering Bangalore organised an event “IDEATION” an intercollegiate management event with a tagline ‘HAVE MANAGIRAIL SKILLS THEN CHOOSE ANY ONE’ On 23rd March,2018 Venue MBA Department. Timing from 9:30am to 5:00pm. We had around 100 participants. Altogether the event had three main games namely:

  1. Phoenix

  2. Pegasus

  3. Sirens

The three games were designed to test how spontaneous, how well one can adapt to situations and how well can he\she can take decisions. Each game was related to the three elements of the earth and with a tag line for each namely:

  1. PHOENIX (Fire)- (RAISE above all….)

  2. SIRENS (Water)- (GET ready to adapt….)

  3. PEGASUS (Air) – (BREATH in and BREATH out….)



This game which had 2 members in a team, it had two levels. The first level was the fake power point presentation, where the participant is a given a ppt which had fake information’s content in it and the participants has to prove that those statements are correct.

Then the second level is fake product, here the participants have go to the investors with their products to get investment for the development of their product , (but the participants are not allowed to touch the product and are not aware that the product brought by them is not the original product) .And when the investors want to try their product the content inside the product is different which is not expected by the owner of the product ,here the participants has to show how well they stand for their product that it is the original one and how well they convince the investors to invest on their product the one who is the best is the winner.


This game which had 3 participants in a team, it had two levels. the first level is the product launch where the participants was given 30 minutes to discuss among their team members to come up with a product. And the teams were shuffled on a random basis and should prove how much of they can prove themselves to be a team player.

The second level is find the investors, the team should search and figure out and convince the investors about their business proposal and get them to the invest. the participants were asked to wait or do a task when the investor was busy in other activity. here the participants have to show how confident, humble and courageous to try hard to get their investments.


This game which had 3 members in each team, they had 2 levels. The first level was the quiz here the quiz was asked in a different way were one question had three sections in it namely business quiz, memorisation and jumbled words. here the participants have to choose their area of interest and answer those questions. they were not allowed to change their area of interest till the end of the first round.

The second level was a business plan, here the participants were given 30 minutes to go around the campus and find problem which would create a business opportunity and other 30 minutes to find solutions and come up with a proper business proposal. And presented in front the judges.

The participants had great learning experience through all these unique games which helped them to create an SWOT analysis of themselves and to know their entrepreneurial skills.