A webinar was conducted on 14th May,2020 at 09:00 am to 10:00 am for the 2ND Semester Students of MBA on the topic “ANALYTICS: THE FULCRUM OF FUTURE” by Mr. N M Sarma who is a Chief Research Officer at YouPlus Inc. He has 30+ years of Global Experience in leadership roles and has built and managed over 5500 teams of analytics experts globally along with many other achievements and titles.


Mr. Sarma shared his insight on the field of Analytics and how organizations are utilizing data in order to become the industrial leaders. He explained about different types of analytics and its usage in various Domains. Mr. Sarma Learn how to use Institute for the Future’s most powerful foresight tools, designed to help you spot new opportunities for innovation and invention.also gave ideas for the students on how to kick start their careers in the field of Data Analytics. At the end of the session, multiple questions were posed by the students and faculties which were patiently addressed by N M Sarma.