Report on Capstone Business Simulation Program

The department of management studies conducted a workshop on Capstone Biz simulation program on 4 th October to 5 th October, 2019 it was a two days’ session. This program gave us an unique opportunity to experience strategic and execution aspects of business and make decisions that differentiates you from the sea of business graduates.

There were two industries namely C111341 and C11134 which consists of 12 companies (teams) namely Andrews, Baldwin, Chester, Digby, Erie and Ferris. The main product which the company’s deals is sensors the initial investment of the twelve companies was 100 million.

Day 1 session

The session started with the introduction to business simulation by Mr. Kalind at 9:00 AM the de-briefing session started by 10.00 AM the students were guided on how to use the given capstone portal. The students were informed to work on the four main branches of the business such as R&D, marketing, operations and finance to add on value(figures) in order to compete within the industries. At 10.00 am the students were asked to enter the strategies in the portal by 12 noon. The round was successfully completed by uploading into the portal were the speaker analysed all the companies with respect to the industries and suggestion were given by him to the students regarding their strategies and on their improvements for the next rounds. The session concluded by asking the students to upload their strategies for the next round within 24 hr for the next session.

Day 2 session

The session started by a round of de-briefing and analysis of round 2 performed by all the teams. After this the teams were asked to perform similarly for round 3 and were introduced to the next two branches which is Human Resources and Total Quality Management (TQM) they were asked to upload information. At 12 noon the speaker analysed all the company’s strategies for about 1 hour At 2 pm the session resumed for the last round where all the teams were given 1 hour to build strategies for all the branches and upload all their decision by 3:15pm and later analysis for all the decision was done by giving insights of their performance, the session ended by providing instructions for the future 4 rounds that teams are suppose to play remotely and submit their decisions on the given dates and the debriefing for those sessions will be provided to the teams online.